Birth Doula

It is our passion to provide clients with the most supported, educated and empowered birth experience possible.

The process with Birth Twins begins with an introductory meeting to get to know each other and go over the vision for your birth. After that, we schedule two prenatal appointments where we will discuss your birth preferences in detail, including coping techniques, birthing positions, cesarean options and postpartum preparation. Aubrey will attend one visit and Ariel will attend the other. We will be on call for your birth beginning at the signing of your contract. That means we will be available 24/7 via text, phone, or email.

When you begin to feel the early stages of labor, contact your doula on call to inform when you are ready for in-person support.  Once Ariel or Aubrey arrives,  we will encourage you to follow your body’s natural instincts and offer guidance with comfort measures and assistance in birthing positions. Our support stays the same during cesarean births by offering continuous educational, emotional, and physical support to you and your partner. We will be present for the entire birth process and will remain with you 1-2 hours after delivery to offer breastfeeding support. Finally, we can have an optional postpartum meeting within a week of your baby’s arrival. At that meeting, the doula that attended your birth will go over your birth experience and any breastfeeding or newborn questions you may have. 

Birth Doula Support Package: $1000

  • Includes two in-home prenatal/birth planning sessions.
  • On call doula support available from the moment of signing contract for any needs.
  • In person labor support that stays through birth and 1-2 hours postpartum.
  • One postpartum in-home visit.

Planned Cesarean Rate: $850

  • One in-home prenatal/birth planning session.
  • On call doula support available from the moment of signing contract for any needs.
  • Your doula will meet you when you arrive at the hospital and join you during your cesarean birth.
  • Your doula will stay with you in recovery until you are settled into your postpartum room.
  • One in-home or hospital postpartum visit.

Private Birth Planning Session: $80

  • One hour in-person birth guide planning session.


**Other customized rates and packages available for more than one service through Birth Twin Cities.

Childbirth Education

Not sure what to expect at your birth? Attending a group or private childbirth ed class can help give confidence in preparing for your birth experience. Birth Twin Cities provides current evidence based information relevant to your upcoming birth. The most common express course is in-home and 3 hours long. 

Topics include
Healthy pregnancy, stages of labor, comfort measures, decision making options, breathing for labor, medical procedures, breastfeeding, normal labor birth and postpartum period.

Two Hour Private Childbirth Education Package: $125

Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta encapsulation is another service Birth Twin Cities offers. Proud of the high standard of practice, Birth Twin Cities prepares and encapsulates your placenta in a dedicated at home workspace. 

The process of consuming your placenta may be a new or strange concept to some, but is a practice with a centuries-long history. The placenta is a powerful organ that nourished a baby from a few cells to an amazing little human. Once the baby arrives, many believe the placenta can offer one final benefit – a huge nutrient boost to the new mom.  Many women who have ingested their placenta post-birth have reported increased and better-regulated milk supply, increased energy, and a decrease of postpartum depression.  There are two main ways to encapsulate your placenta – the Raw Method and the Traditional Chinese Steam Method. Each has its various benefits, which we can discuss to help you make the best choice. Raw Prep Method is known for increased milk production and energy, while Traditional Method is known for warming the body, healing and regulating hormones. Cord keepsakes, prints, and tinctures are additional add-ons you may choose for your customized postpartum package.  $20 discount for birth doula families on placenta encapsulation. 

Raw Prep Start: $200.

Traditional Method: $225.

Placenta Print: $25